About Knickerhood

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how it began

Welcome to Knickerhood, where creativity flourishes and passion ignites! Nestled in the heart of our coastal haven, Penzance, Knickerhood was born from the collaborative spirit of Lena and Emily. Our journey began with a shared commitment to empower women through meticulously crafted, comfortable knickers. While Emily has embarked on new adventures, my dedication to this vision remains unwavering.

At Knickerhood, we take pride in curating an exquisite collection tailored for the remarkable women of Penzance and beyond. From our locally inspired designs to the transformation of comfortable bras and t-shirts into knickers, bralettes, and even stylish men's pants, each creation embodies our dedication to local artisanship and empowerment.

Join me as we continue to weave the fabric of Knickerhood's legacy, celebrating the strength and individuality of women while redefining comfort and style in our beloved Penzance. Explore, create, and be inspired!

how it evolved

Our dedication to sustainability and quality craftsmanship is woven into every aspect of our 'emotionally supportive knickers' line and our 'Classic' knickers. Utilizing Tencel sourced from sustainably grown trees in Denmark, we prioritize eco-conscious materials without compromising on comfort or style. The gusset, crafted from organic cotton supplied by a reputable UK company, ensures both comfort and environmental responsibility. Paired with trim sourced from another trusted UK supplier, and proudly made here in Penzance, our knickers boast minimal air miles and maximum integrity.

conscious manufacturing

We're committed to combating fast fashion by exploring innovative solutions, such as our initiative to transform old t-shirts into stylish pants! At Knickerhood, sustainability extends beyond our products to our packaging – it's entirely plastic-free, reflecting our dedication to environmental responsibility.